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Straight Line Continuous Wire Drawing Machine


  • Rotary Die Device.
  • Wire Diameter Measuring Device.
  • Constant Measuring Device.
  • Wire Collection Type: Coiler Type or Spooler Type.
  • Patten Layer System.
  • Dies or Cassette System.
  • Pressure Dies Device.

Wear-Resistant Drawing Capstan:

The wire drawing zone through tungsten carbide coating and polishing and surface hardness is up to 70 HRC.

Dancer Type System:

The wire goes through the dance then passes the guide roller located above the capstan. This ensures wire entering into the die without any shaking problem.

Tuner/Sensor Arm Type System:

The wire passes the Tuner/Sensor Arm then into the next drawing die directly. Easy to operate the machine.

Patentd Gearbox and Cooling System:

Very high efficiency Cheng I patented gearbox (>95% on the entire speed range). Cheng I patented cooling capstans, with an extremely high cooling capacity.

Die Box and Roller Cassette Exchangeable Design

Any type & brand of Roller Cassette or Die Box can be installed in drawing machine.

Advanced HMI Panel (Touch Screen and User-Friendly Operating Interface)

The machine is equipped with an advanced HMI panel. The software is designed by highly experienced control engineer. Easy to operate and monitor the machine.

Distributed I/O Design.

Installing the Siemens ProFiBus Net system; this includes distributor I/O from machine side to save wire control cost and lift EMC interrupt resistance and enhance quick wiring.

MODEL Inlet Wire Dia. (mm) Drum Dia. (mm)
SCWD-900 13.0~10.0 900
SCWD-760 10.0~8.0 760
SCWD-700 8.0~6.5 700
SCWD-600 6.5~5.5 600
SCWD-400 4.5~3.0 400
SCWD-300 2.4~2.0 300

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